Tuesday TV: How the GOP Enabled Trump

A sobering two-hour report on “Frontline” (PBS, 9 p.m., check local listings) begins with footage of a string of failed Presidential candidates graciously conceding their races, going back to the middle of the 20th century. Then it all stops in 2020, when Donald Trump becomes the worst loser in U.S. history, doesn’t accept the results and stokes a near-insurrection. Bad losing is something he’d done before, the report points out, declaring a deserved Emmy loss for “The Apprentice” rigged as well. 

“Lies, Politics and Democracy” squarely blames Republicans who allowed him to rise to power and looked the other way as he continued his worrisome strongman tendencies but makes the interesting point that the MAGA mob has led him than he’s led them. 

The new “Destination Paris” (Paramount+, streaming) has journalist Guillem Balagué exploring soccer in Europe’s UEFA Champions League, continuing the “Stories from the Beautiful Game” series.  

Another sports documentary series, “Untold” (Netflix, streaming) ends its second season with the story of the team behind the 1983 America’s Cup, with Australians looking to upend the streak by the New York Yacht Club. 

A new documentary series follows the youth karate leagues in the American southwest (while nicking their name from “Cobra Kai”). It’s called “Kiddie Kai” (Discovery+, streaming).

Financial advisers share tips on saving money in the documentary “Get Smart with Money” (Netflix, streaming). 

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