Cheeseman is the name of the director, co-writer, co-star and the production company involved. And cheese is what you get in “Mind Leech,” a light-hearted horror flick from Canada. 

Using a trope that’s fueled low-budget monster movies for more than a century, this one begins in a small Ontario town where the town’s big chemical company routinely throws its industrial waste (packed in what looks to be a coffee urn) into a rural pond.

The green smoke that billows out indicates it’s some no good stuff and sure enough, months later, it comes to fruition when a couple of ice fishers encounter what is an elongated slug. It attaches to the brain of the victim and causes them to growl and maniacally kill others. They can still drive, though, so they can get to other locations to kill others. 

This all presents a problem for the local sheriff (Misha O’Hoski) and his deputy (Steph Ivory Conover). All they wanted was a quiet day after Christmas, and now all these bodies are piling up.

A showdown comes in a rural barn, where escape would seem easy considering the weathered walls. But there are all kinds of lapses if you want to count them: Nobody has cell phones? Nobody calls ambulances? 

There’s a government conspiracy wrap up at the end that doesn’t seem necessary.