The long-delayed fourth season of “True Detective” still has creator Nic Pizzolatto’s name on it (as do first season stars Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson). But the new fourth season was entirely written and directed by Issa Lopez, whose resulting “True Detective: Night Country” (HBO, 9 p.m.) is set in chilly Alaska and stars a crusty Jodie Foster alongside Kali Reis trying to figure out why scientists at an Arctic outpost have all been found dead. It has its moments, but has way too many characters and side stories, not to mention a central case that’s a little bit like “The Thing” with a whole lot of indigenous mysticism thrown in. 

Clive Owens plays a retired Sam Spade, living in Paris in the 1960s, forced to tackle a new crime in the new series “Monsieur Spade” (AMC, 9 p.m.), also starring Cara Blossom, Louise Bourgoin and Stanley Weber. 

“Belgravia: The Next Chapter” (MGM+, 9 p.m.) picks up 25 years after the limited series “Belgravia” left off, with Benjamin Wainwright and Harriet Slater playing lovers in posh 19th century London in a series from the creators of “Downton Abbey” and “The Gilded Age.”

Today’s wild card matchups have Green Bay at Dallas (Fox, 4:30 p.m.) and Rams at Detroit (NBC, 8 p.m.). But the Pittsburgh/Buffalo game this afternoon was cancelled due to wintery conditions — only the third time that’s ever happened in Buffalo.

Here’s one televised award show I actually got to vote in: The 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards (CW, 7 p.m.). Chelsea Handler hosts the live event from Los Angeles, where “Succession” and “The Bear” are expected to do well in the television division. 

There’s a bit of a time jump for tonight’s finale “The Curse” (Showtime, 9 p.m.) but what happens is so surreal — and so different from the rest of the season — that it can be watched with fascination by those who have never watched it before. 

The wedding of Christine continues on “Sister Wives” (TLC, 10 p.m.), but at least it’s the same couple. 

“Yellowstone” (CBS, 8 p.m.) rolls out its ithird season on broadcast TV, with its first three consecutive episodes — all of which first streamed in 2020. Not to be confused with “Yellowstone Supervolcano: American Doomsday” (Science, 8 p.m.). 

Eliza investigates the world of Victorian undertakers on “Miss Scarlet and the Duke” (PBS, 8 p.m., check local listings). 

“Funny Woman” (PBS, 10 p.m.), Barbara lands a lead role in a new TV sitcom. 

Sigfried hires a new bookkeeper on “All Creatures Great and Small” (PBS, 9 p.m., check local listings).

Ansley Gordon plays a woman working on a work/life balance who clashes with an activities director in the  made-for-TV romance “Love on Retreat” (UPtv, 7 p.m.).

The original animated “The Lion King” (ABC, 9 p.m.) is back on in primetime. It plays opposite “Mulan” (Telemundo, 9 pm.) — in Spanish. 

The holiday is out of date but not the winter storm that strands a family in the romance “Miracle in Bethlehem PA” (Hallmark, 8 p.m.). 

Leaving foster care for a Swiss school is a problem for the protagonist of the made-for-TV thriller “The Boarding School Murders” (Lifetime, 8 p.m.).

“Extreme Airport Africa” (Smithsonian, 9 p.m. deals with a broken-down plane that costs a major runway. 

Disasters via viral footage is the basis of “Doomsday Caught on Camera” (Travel, 9 p.m.). 

Turner Classic Movies has a couple of films written by Nancy Meyers, “Baby Boom” (8 p.m.) and “Father of the Bride” (10 p.m.). The silent movies at 12 o’clock are the Harold Lloyd comedies “For Heaven’s Sake” (midnight) and “Grandma’s Boy” (1 a.m.). Then comes two form Jean Renoir, “The Golden Coach” (2 a.m.) and “The Rules of the Game” (4 a.m.). 

Hockey has Washington at Rangers (NHL, 1 p.m.).

Men’s college basketball has Georgetown at Connecticut (Fox, noon), Memphis at Wichita State (ESPN2, 1 p.m.), Liberty at Louisiana Tech (ESPN2, 3 p.m.) and Delaware at UNC Wilmington (CBS Sports, 4 p.m.).

Women’s games include Rhode Island at Richmond (CBS Sports, noon), Miami at Notre Dame (CW, noon), Virginia Tech at Florida State (ESPN, 1 p.m.), Davidson at Fordham (CBS Sports, 2 p.m.), LSU at Auburn (ESPN, 3 p.m.), Tennessee at Texas A&M (ESPN, 5 p.m.), and Northern Illinois at Kent State (CBS Sports, 6 p.m.). 

Final rounds are played in golf’s Sony Open (NBC, 4 p.m.).

There’s in first round play in tennis’ Australian Open (ESPN, 7 p.m.; ESPN2, 11 p.m.).

It’s Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (ABC, 1:30 p.m.) in the Spanish Super Cup soccer final. 

It’s U.S. vs. Italy (CBS Sports, 6:30 p.m.) in a women’s field hockey Olympic qualifier. 

Sunday Talk

ABC: Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and J.B. Pritzker of Illinois. CBS: Sen. Joe Manchin, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu. NBC: Sen. Joni Ernst, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. CNN: DeSantis, Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. Fox: DeSantis, Manchin, Nikki Haley.