Here are some other things I’ve written lately:

  • A survey of 24 museum shows to see at Smithsonian museums in 2024, for
  • Remembering Wayne Kramer, the influential MC5 guitarist, from my Substack page.
  • A review of three new, 20-minute operas at the Kennedy Center for Broadway World.
  • A story about the Air and Space Museum acquiring the Ingenuity Mars helicopter prototype.
  • A review of a road show stop by the national touring production of Disney’s musical “Frozen.”
  • Rocking out with Southern Culture on the Skids, a review for The Vinyl District.
  • Reviewing the play “Love Love Love” at Studio Theatre.
  • Listening to bluegrass ace Molly Tuttle at the 930 Club.
  • Covering a one-woman play at Theatre J, “How to Be a Korean Woman.”