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Davy Jones, Dead at 66

Sad to hear of the death of Davy Jones, the irrepressible lead singer of the Monkees who stayed out on the road for more than a half century – including some shows earlier this month. I last saw him in Beverly Hills, where he was talking up a PBS special at the TV Critics summer […]

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Wednesday TV: Tyra Spanning Two Countries

On Leap Day, the numbers can get all screwy. But it would be the 18th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” (The CW, 8 p.m.) even if it had happened yesterday. The shakeup to Tyra Banks’ reality competition his time is to have seven Americans compete with seven former participants of “Britain’s Next Top Model.” […]

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Redefining ‘Stars’ on ‘Dancing’

In astronomical terms, there are millions of stars whose name we do not know. This may also be the guiding principal of casting agents on “Dancing with the Stars” this season. Aside from Gladys Knight, Martina Navratilova and Urkel, there’s a bunch of “hmm” and a whole lot of “who?” in the roster of competitors […]

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Tuesday TV: ‘The Amish’ vs. Male ‘Idol’ Singers

For most Americans, the Amish are that odd sect that are the butt of jokes, occasional reality shows (“Amish in the City”) or the destination of weekend vacation trips. What is really behind their beliefs and their varying set of rules to live by are thoughtfully put together in a new two hour edition of […]

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Oscar Audience Smaller Than Grammys

Ratings for Sunday’s Oscar broadcast was a little better than last year’s mess with James Franco and Anne Hathaway. But bringing Billy Crystal back to host only put the show at 39.3 million, compared to last year’s 37.6 million. Two weeks earlier, the Grammys got 39.9 million viewers, putting the music competition ahead of movies’ […]

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Monday TV: The Mick Jagger-Cab Calloway Connection

Bill Clinton was the baby boomer president, but it’s Barack Obama who was able to have a Beatle, Bob Dylan and now a Rolling Stone to the East Wing to perform. A strong array of blues players from B.B. King and Buddy Guy to Keb Mo and Gary Clark Jr., join forces for a salute […]

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Can the Oscar Show Be Saved?

Last year’s Oscar show was so bad, under the direction of young Hollywood hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, there was a rush to turn to the old ways, with Billy Crystal enlisted to host a ninth time. Well that didn’t work any better. And it fact it could have been even worse. The idea […]

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TV Tonight: All About Oscar

Expectations are supposedly high for The 84th Annual Academy Awards (ABC, 8:30 p.m.) but only because Billy Crystal is returning to host it for the ninth time. His style of comedy – part vaudeville, part film parody – which are by now so overdone it may all come off as dated. But even if he’s […]

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Also On Sunday: A Couple Other Sporting Events

Today’s the day of the NBA All-Star Game (TNT, 7 p.m.).  Also of note: The Daytona 500 (Fox, 1 p.m.). “The Amazing Race” (CBS, 8 p.m.) is one of only two shows – both of them reality series – that dare go against the Oscar telecast this year. But the race just started last week, […]

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Mitt Romney Ingratiates Himself to Former Home

Hey there! Hello! It’s so great to be back in Michigan. I just love Michigan. It’s my home state you know. And I’m not just saying this because I’m lagging in the polls, ha ha. I mean look at this place. The trees are just the right height. The streets are just right. And the […]

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