Behind Dax Shepard’s ‘Parenthood’ Tattoo

For “Parenthood” costar Dax Shepard, who came to show business through hosting “Punked,” he’s been able to flex a big tree-like tattoo that seems to fit in with the show’s family theme.

At the TV Critics Press Tour this summer, he told me the ink is his own, though he jokes, “We’re renting it. We have a pretty reasonable residual on it, and I’m hoping to pick it up.”

Actually, he says, the tree and its branches serve to cover what he calls “a previous terrible tattoo,” though it was done three years ago.

“In my first talks before I was a member of the cast, I said, ‘It’s imperative to me that I can have the tattoo so I’m not in makeup two extra hours a day.’”

And Katims agreed it worked, Shepard says.

The tree covered a design that he had a tough time conveying. “I hesitate to use the word ‘tribal,’ but other people would have probably used that word to describe it.

“I have a knack for predicting what tattoos will be douchey in ten years,” he says. “Like right now we all like this, but trust me: Lake Havasu 2020, every guy will have it, and I’ll be on to something else.”

A picture of it is on the jump.

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