Walter the Unlikely Reality Star

This year’s most unlikely reality TV star may be the bald-headed, soft-spoken, 50 something Walter Afanasieff. He’s become a name in pop culture through his music, producing starss like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

But he’ll be part of the cast of “The Nail File” this summer on the TV Guide Network, because his girlfriend, Katie Cazorla runs the upscale nail shops featured in the series.

“No,” said Afanasieff, about his reality TV aspirations. “I really haven’t thought about it until just recently. I’m just in full support of Katie’s world.”

“We live together, and we share in everything we do, and it just came to be this incredible opportunity for her and for the show, and I’m just full-force: I want to be there and make sure that it works well.

“Obviously, we run into each other at home. I have my recording studio. My world is at home. So there’s no way to kind of separate the two, and it wasn’t like I was out there pitching a reality show, no. But I’m glad to be a part of it. It’s very exciting. Anything with Katie, it’s funny, it’s great, and it’s going to make people laugh.”

“They have a funny dynamic,” says executive producer SallyAnn Salsano, who is also behind “Jersey Shore.” “Katie has her other life, too, which is her friends, and I would say that her friends and his world is a little different. That’s kind of fun too.”

“My world is AARP and stuff like that,” Afanasieff deadpans.

“Senior discount at Denny’s,” Cazorla adds.

In a more serious vein, Afanasieff said Cazorla has been a good balance for him.

“My entire world,” he says, “they adore Katie. They can’t wait for Katie to show up. Katie’s the funniest woman, the funniest girl. She’s the life of the party always,
24/s7, and everyone that I know has fallen madly in love with her. They’re so greatly appreciative of everything she does for everyone.”

“So you just keep her around to make you more popular, really,” Salsano said.

“It’s true. I’m like his best accessory.”

“The Nail File” begins shooting in June for a debut later this year on TVGuide Network.

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