Why Rockers Love Snakes

One odd trend at press tour in its first two days: Big tough guys talking about their love of earth’s creatures. Mike Tyson talked nonstop about his newfound love for racing pigeons in a rap that included talk of Napoleon and Waterloo.

And rocker Henry Rollins was listed as “snake enthusiast” for his participation in a three episode special “Wild About Snakes” on Nat Geo Wild.

It’s natural that rockers have related to snakes.

“I think there’s kind of an outsider status,” Rollins says. “No one likes the snakes. No one likes you and your long hair and your rock and roll. So the snakes and the musicians maybe find each other where ‘That’s the animal for me because no one likes me, and no one likes these snakes. So I guess I’ll hang out with these snakes.’

“Also, I think for some people there is perhaps some kind of adrenaline rush of handling these things that other people find to be terrifying. And perhaps some musician types go after — they find some appeal of that. But quite often when you really get into it with someone, someone who has a lot of animals or has a great fascination, it’s not because they’re trying to scare you or anything. They are quite more on the conservation idea. They’re very good to the animal. They care. They know a whole lot about snakes. So they are true enthusiasts and quite compassionate towards animals and, obviously, reptiles.”

The three-hour “Wild about Snakes” starts Feb. 21 on Nat Geo Wild.

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