‘Bachelorette,’ After Finale, Plans Wedding

After a bit of family, intervention and tears, Ashley Hebert made her choice right on time on Monday’s season premiere of “The Bachelor.”

Her selection was J.P. Rosenbaum, 34, the construction manager from Roslyn, N.Y., who went ahead and made a proposal immediately after receiving the final rose. Left in the lurch was nice guy Ben Flajnik, 28, who may have cried all the way back to wine country.

Hebert made her choise after her family grilled both final candidates in the two hour finale. Most involved was Ashley’s sister Chrystie, who said flat out that J.P. wasn’t the one. This upsets Ashley quite a bit.

Both men actually proposed to her in the end, but Flajnik’s seemed blurted and he seemed a little stung when she helped him up from his knees and apologized. He says “I didn’t see this one coming.”

He also rebuffs her saying how special he is. “I don’t need you to sugarcoat it,” he says. “Good things don’t end unless they end badly.”

They did for him, but not for Rosenbaum, who got to sweep Hebert off her feet to the sounds of REO Speedwagon. Well, you can’t have everything.

The two plan to marry in 2012, setting the date by the end of the year, they told Jimmy Kimmel later that night.

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