Versus to Disappear

Versus, the sports channel that was for a time headquartered in Connecticut, will cease to be known as that name as it will align more with its mother corporation to become NBC Sports Network on Jan. 2.

It will also feature programming that will support the network’s single biggest hit, Sunday Night Football, with a show called “NFL Turning Point” highlighting actions that took place the week before.

Versus began life as the Outdoor Life Network in 1995; it changed its name to Versus in 2006 and has in recent years been home to most NHL broadcasts.

The new name and logo of NBC Sports Network, incorporating the company’s familiar peacock logo, as will its other sports property, the Golf Channel.

“The re-brand effort afforded us the opportunity to modernize the NBC Sports logo,” John Miller, the chief marketing officer at NBCUniversal Television Group and head of the NBC Sports Agency, said in a statement. “The changes are subtle, but signal a big change: a new beginning for the NBC Sports Group.”

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