‘Body of Proof’ Leaves Providence

A network hit that was filmed in Providence its first season is shooting its second back in California.

Because the Dana Delaney vehicle “Body of Proof” shot its first season in Rhode Island, it qualified for California tax breaks that encourage shows that had been shot elsewhere to come back to the state, executive producer Matthew Gross said.

A production crew replicated the Providence set — and expanded it – at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. The odd thing about both locations is that they were meant to represent a third setting completely different from both – Philadelphia.

And like most police stations and medical examiners’ offices depicted on network TV, it is much more dazzling and well-appointed than the real thing. “You want to feel real, but look great,” said production designer Ken Hardy on the sleek grey set.

Exteriors have so far been in places like Pasedena because of its older architecture and relative lack of palm trees, he said.

Gross said most of the cast were happy that the show wasn’t being shot in Rhode Island, since it presented what co-star Jeri Ryan called “a brutally vicious commute.” Instead of spending months in Providence, they can work and drive home to their families.

The show is already preparing to shoot the third episode of the new season, which starts Sept. 20 on ABC.

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