Retreads Clean Up On ‘Big Brother’ Finale

What would be worse – that awful laugh by returning redhead Rachel Reilly, lording over her win; or that clownish crying that followed her every failure?

In the end, she got the last, awful laugh on the “Big Brother” finale Wednesday, winning the $500,000 and the votes of every other returning housemate – her boyfriend Brendon Villegas as well as Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, in addition to newbie turncoat Shelley Moore.

The runner up in the final two, Porsche Briggs, could only muster the votes of returning Danielle Donato and the two other newbies on the jury – Kalia Booker and Adam Poch, the last man standing, who finished third.

He had lost to Porsche in an underwater maze challenge, and then Porsche lost to Rachel in the final competition, in which they had to finish statements jury members made.

It was Rachel’s contention all along that “floaters” such as Adam and Porsche, who hadn’t won any competitions all summer until the final weeks, not be rewarded for merely staying alive.

On the other hand, producers seemed to bend rules a couple of times to ensure that the brassy Las Vegas girl Rachel stay in the mix.

When it came to the $25,000 fan favorite vote, that went to a returning player as well – Jeff Schroeder.

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