The Amanpour Experiment Ends

Sorry to hear Christiane Amanpour stepping down from helming ABC’s Sunday morning talk show “This Week.”

The ace international reporter may have been misused by the network anyway. ABC News executives had hoped to bolster the image of their world reporting by hiring her, but having her sit in Washington and chat endlessly about Beltway political minutia wasted her talents.

She’s always better off jetting off to talk to world leaders who recognize and respect her work. ABC let her do that in her year, and will now move her to an international reporting role that will also allow her to launch a new world news show on CNN International.

George Stephanopoulos will take over the Sunday show in addition to co-hosting “Good Morning America”: he’ll be assisted by Jake Tapper.

And the insular world of Sunday morning talk shows will be a boys club once again.

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