‘Work of Art’ Pieces On Sale Online

In one of the niftiest commercial tie-ins for a reality show, creations by the contestants on Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Artist” have been made available to buyers at OverstockArt.com.

A few artists have their works available every week, including last week, Dusty’s street art of American surveillance cameras, right, Young Sun’s smiley “Jaded Spirit & Brief Happiness” and “Two Headed Dog” by Sara Jimenez.

The most surprising work may be Lola Thompson’s nude self portrait “Secret exchange (I want you to like me despite everything),” in which she lists her shortcoming over a photo of herself. It may be the first time a nude photo of a reality show contestant may have been sold by that contestant during the run of the show.

That’s art for you (or the reflexive self-exposure of reality TV).

The semi-finals are scheduled tonight at 9 p.m., revealing the finalists for next week’s finale.

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