Bill Maher Disses Tim Tebow

Even with his show on hiatus, Bill Maher knows how to create a ruckus. A rude comment about Tim Tebow’s poor performance against Buffalo on Twitter has the quarterback’s fans in arms – or at least on computers – deriding the comedian and calling for a mass cancellation of HBO subscriptions.

The rise of Tebow and his supposedly Christian-aided luck on the field of course would be a target of the anti-religious Maher, especially on the day when his skills (and presumably his Lord) failed him. So he jotted something down about Jesus screwing Tebow on Christmas Eve to his 870,000 followers.

On a slow news week, it gets around. So people railed about his bad language and sacrilege and called for the HBO boycott.

But really, how many conservative Christian football fans subscribe to HBO in the first place?

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