“I’ve been talking about music lately,” Mitt Romney said at a campaign stop in Cedar Falls this week. “I happen to love the patriotic songs of America.”

And what of the other songs of America?

When asked about his New Year’s Eve plans today, he replied “There’s a celebration of the music of the Doors at a place called the Brickyard.”

Actually it’s called the House of Bricks, a club billed as “Des Moines’ Best Live Music.” But the Doors?

The New Year’s Eve entertainment specifically listed at the House of Bricks tonight is No One Gets Out of Here Alive: The Doors Tribute. (And this must really be Iowa: The cover charge is $8. In Washington, you’re lucky if the beers are $8).

He ended up not going (instead he popped his head in at the Stoney Creek Inn in Sioux City). Asked if he’s a fan of The Doors, Romney replied, “I enjoy their music.”

And what is it about the Doors for Mitt? Jim Morrison’s dreamy look? Ray Manzarek’s keyboard stylings? Maybe it’s the lyrics.

After all, he also said in Iowa this week, “Most of the time when we sing a song, we don’t think much about the words. But I’ve begun looking at these words and thinking about them.”

So we can only imagine what the Mitt Romney version of Doors songs would be.

To the tune of “Light My Fire”

You know that it would be untrue

You know that I would be a liar

If I was to say to you

Obamacare was my idear

To “People are Strange”

People act strange when You’re a Mormon

People act ugly when you’re a Latter Day Saint

Christians act wicked when you’re unwanted

Polls are uneven when you’re down.

To “Back Door Man”

Oh yeah, I’m a private sector man

I’m a private sector man

The jobless don’t know

But the economists understand

“Riders on the Storm”

Doggie’s on the car

Doggie’s on the car

Into this car we drive

He’s strapped up there alive

Like a dog without a bone

A canine out alone

Doggie’s on the car

…and “When the Music’s Over”

When the caucus is over

When the caucus is over, yeah

When the caucus is over, turn out the lights

Turn out the lights, turn out the lights