It’s a transition time for Ty Penington, whose “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” shows its final makeover today, and the long running “One Life to Live” dies, making way for a daytime team makeover show, “The Revolution” that starts in the slot Monday on ABC.

“We can’t replace that show, you know, but what we offer is something different,” Pennington told a testy session at the TV critics winter press tour. “You guys know ‘Extreme Makeover’ got canceled too, and that’s something that’s very, very special to me. But it’s about change and, well, ‘The Revolution’ is certainly about change.”

The cheaper-to-make “Revolution” is a slap to fans of “One Life to Live,” which ran daily for 43 years. And its title co-opts the promise of Gil-Scott Heron’s year’s ago promise.

“We’re not trying to replace anyone,” says Tim Gunn, the “Project Runway” mentor who is also part of the team. “We’re a very different player.”

Also part of “The Revolution” team are “celebrity trainer” Harley Pasternak OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and relationship therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry — what producer JD Roth calls “the superheroes of hope in mind, body, environment, and helping to hold everyone else’s baggage while they give them hope to make change in their own life.”

“I think people are looking to be connected more and are looking to better their lives in certain areas,” Roth says. “We’ve turned so many switches off that a lot of people are just sitting in a dark room. So I believe that the show is an opportunity, with simple change, to flip some of those switches back on.”

In my most cynical moment on press tour, I asked: wouldn’t the first step for those disconnected people in their dark room be to turn off daytime TV?

“I hope not!” said Gunn.