Colbert Rocks You Like a Herman Cain

One of the biggest rallies in the South Carolina primary season may be the jokey one scheduled for Friday afternoon from TV’s Stephen Colbert.

The Comedy Central host, who portrays a fake conservative on his nightly “Colbert Report” will team up with a former candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, Herman Cain, for the rally at Randolph Hall at the College of Charleston.

He’s calling the event “The Rock Me Like a Herman-Cain: South Cain-Olina Primary Rally.”

Colbert has been running ads asking voters to write him in by voting for Cain, whose name is still on the ballot.

“Herman is the only former candidate who truly shares my values,” Colbert said in a statement. “It’s like our values were separated at birth. And our ethics are at least first cousins.”

As with all of his appearances on college campuses, he added, “I expect to recieve an honorary degree. This time I’m hoping for a Masters of Bachelors.”

The South Carolina primary is the following day, on Saturday.

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