Jessica Sanchez Gets A Save

If the essentially powerless judges on “American Idol” were going to use their single save on any one remaining contestant, it was logical they used it on Jessica Sanchez.

The tiny woman with the big voice has already provided some of the biggest moments on the show this season — some said one of her early songs were the biggest moments of the show’s run. It was shocking that she’d be the one with the least number of votes at this point in the competition, in a bottom three Thursday that also included Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet. It ¬†gave some insight on the motives of the home voters — they do love their cute dudes instead. A woman hasn’t won in seven seasons.

For now, a save shouldn’t shuffle the order of the season. Earlier, there had been a premature ouster of a finalist, so having the top seven sing once more next week will not alter the number of shows until the finale. (Though in the past, they’ve dealt with a save by eliminating a pair the following week).

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