There may have been a time when the MTV Movie Awards were a big deal in Hollywood – a irreverent coronation of popular movies that were usually ignored by the Oscars; in a setting stars found more exciting and fun.

Nowadays, they are just a puzzlement, with Russell Brand, pictured left, back as host, talking a mile a minute about stuff not even Charlie Sheen, in the audience, can figure out (the British dude is too crazy even for him).

Brand knew he was losing the audience several times during his oddball monologue so he’d have a nifty fallback measure: Yelling “Twilight! Hunger Games!” every so often, completely out of context. Just the mention of the fan favorites would get all the required cheers he’d need to go on.

And he was half right – “Hunger Games” took four of the garish golden popcorn awards; “Twilight” just two: the best kiss award, which it won for the fourth time in a row (raising the question at home: Has there been four “Twilight” movies?). and what was called “the most important award of the night,” the best picture category voted solely by fans.

The Harry Potter series got a couple of awards before it faded away altogether, best cast and best character.

But in an awards ceremony where promotion is at a premium, lots of crucial time was given to footage of he upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises,” including what looked like an acceptance speech for a movie that hasn’t yet been released.

Johnny Depp, being honored for pretty much showing up, turned tables on MTV by insisting to bring music back. Before he got the Generation Award, he got to play a couple of songs with the Black Keys.