After a Long Wait, More ‘Curb’

CurbIn the six years since “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO, 10 p.m.) has been on the air, any number of shows have followed, aiming for the same cringe factor.

And Larry David sat back and watched it all try to fill the vacuum of years of no “Curb.”

When David appeared at the TV Critics Association summer press tour to mostly bat back questions to the fawning reporters, I tried to ask him how he felt about all of these imitators. It probably wasn’t a good idea.

Q. Have you noticed other shows trying to do a similar thing?

A. Yes, I think I’m able to recognize when someone is doing a similar thing. Yes, I can spot that very quickly. “They’re trying to do something like we’re doing.” Yeah.

Q. Do you think they’re doing a good job? Are you flattered, or are you insulted?

A. Well, what do they say about imitation? You know. No, I’m not I’m not insulted, no. I’m not insulted.

“Nobody does it better,” “Curb” costar Susie Essman says.

“No, it’s not I don’t find it insulting,” David said, trying to answer the question but also imparting some wisdom about the medium. “That’s what television essentially is, copying.”

Later, I tried to ask about his experience going back to several episodes of “Saturday Night Live” for his perfect imitation of Bernie Sanders. David, whose early TV experience includes “Fridays,” the ABC stab at “SNL” has some experience in the live sketch comedy field.

“This is your second question, right?” he pointed out. “You are sneaking one in there, right?”

But he answered mostly about how much fun he was having playing Sanders. “I had a great time.”

When my fellow grey-haired colleague next to me asked a question, he thought I was going in for another question.

“Again!” said Essman.

“A third time,” said Jeff Garlin.

When corrected, he added, “You are both white. You look the same.”

When the colleague, Ed Bark, asked about David’s turning 70 and whether he was becoming more reflective, and how he felt about it, David answered, “Very unpleasant. Thank you for reminding me.”

Nobody goes to Larry David press conferences to glean a lot of information. There were no copies made available of the new episodes.

We go because we are big fans and enjoy being on the butt of David’s distain just as so many people — close talkers, party inviters, sobbing grievers — get his disdain on the show.

Like victims of Don Rickles, we are delighted at the insults. Also, we can’t wait until the new season starts tonight.


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