Fresh as a pack of leftover peeps, we’ve got some Easter-themed songs of Jesus, resurrection and rolling away the stone on today’s Capital Radio, on the day of the White House Egg Roll. It included selections from XTC, Jefferson Airplane, Hank Williams, the Velvet Underground and two each from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. 

Bookended by a couple of the greatest (and longest) guitar solos in rock, we also celebrated the birthdays of  one of the soloists, Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic as well as Brian Setzer, Bunny Wailer, Martin Denny and Q Tip. 

Also noted the anniversaries of the deaths of King Oliver and Stuart Sutcliffe to play tracks that were, respectively, recorded 100 years ago, and the original 1960 lineup of The Beatles. Closed with a reminder to watch the Jason Isbell documentary on HBO.

Here’s the archived recording of the whole show; the setlist follows.