Friday TV: ‘Dead Ringers’ Now a Series

Rachel Weisz has double duty in playing the twin gynecologists in the series version of “Dead Ringers” (Prime Video, streaming). The gender-switched variant on the David Cronenberg psychological thriller is at times a Grand Guignol version of “Call the Midwife” with blood and death everywhere. 

The twin doctors live and work together but they’re a bit naughty: they switch off professionally or personally as needed. It’s almost like horror for a female audience, but has a distant echo of a previous FX show, “Nip and Tuck” as well. At least series creator Alice Birch has something to say along the way about the needless brutality and chill of the baby delivery industry. 

The unsung force behind one of rap’s most beloved voices was his mom. The new documentary series “Dear Mama” (FX, 10 p.m.) depicts the relationship of Tupac Shakur and his mother Afeni Shakur, a Black Panther Party member and activist. 

Rachael Leigh Cook plays a travel exec who goes to Vietnam and falls for a tour guide (Scott Ly) in the new  romance “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” (Netflix, streaming).

From James Cameron comes another natural series, this one about pachyderms. “Secrets of the Elephants” (National Geographic, 9 p.m.) is narrated by Natalie Portman. The first half airs tonight; the other on Saturday.

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