Sunday TV: ‘Fatal Attraction,’ the Series

A new series version of “Fatal Attraction” (Paramount+, streaming) is a modern take on the 1987 thriller, with Lizzie Caplan as a more sympathetic other woman and Joshua Jackson as the married man, who ended up in jail because of his advances. Amanda Peet and Reno Wilson also star in the reimagined tale.

It’s not unusual that the “Masterpiece” people would come up with a new four-part adaptation of Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones” (PBS, 9 p.m., check local listings). This one stars Solly McLeodand Sophie Wilde. Hannah Waddingham of “Ted Lasso” fame is a featured costar. 

Shiv looks like she’s gaining power on “Succession” (HBO, 9 p.m.), now back from Norway. 

“Catching Lightning” (Showtime, 8 p.m.), the four part documentary series about the MMA fighter who got involved in the largest bank robber in world history, concludes. 

It’s poker night on “Somebody Somewhere” (HBO, 10:41 p.m.). 

The title for tonight’s “Barry” (HBO, 10:05 p.m.) is “It Takes a Psycho.” 

Justine Dupont chases a swell in Hawaii on “100 Foot Wave” (HBO, 8 p.m.). 

The new “Stone Cold Takes on America” (A&E, 10 p.m.) features the former wrestler taking a road trip. 

A day long marathon of the reality series ends with the reunion show of “The Traitors” (Bravo, 7:55 p.m.). 

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