A Mindblowing Season Finale for ‘Breaking Bad’

For a show as brainy as it is, “Breaking Bad” has been excelling most in its beautifully designed action sequences.

Whether it was Hank’s near execution at the hands of the cartel in a supermarket parking lot or this season’s brilliant drugging of that same cartel in Mexico, Vince Gilligan and his team put together just the right shots, and the actors play their parts to the hilt to get things right.

For the finale of a season that’s been taut with tension most of the time, a lot was expected of the finale, and every bit of it was delivered. [Spoilers ahead].

Starting with the failure of Walt car bombing Gus in a parking lot, things were quickly shifted to use that same bomb in another fashion. It came in using one of the most marvelous characters in the series, an aged cartel chief who is now unable to communicate other than ringing a bell — a signal that almost indentified Jesse early in the series run.

This time, Walt convinces him to work with him against Gus, who comes by to torment him. The final scene between them is explosive to say the least, and though it seems Gus at first walks away from it all, as it always seems that he does; the producers have an unforgettable surprise for viewers. Next up is the firestorming of the drug factory and a final meeting between Jesse and Walt. It would have served as a fitting finale for the entire series if it came to that. But given another 16 episode season, there is one nasty twist at the end that may well set up the conflict for next year:

In a scene reminiscent of the backyard swimming pool finale a couple of seasons back, another secret reveals itself in Walt’s backyard. Instead of a teddy bear’s eye, it’s a plant — one that may have caused the poisoning of the child that Jesse is so concerned about. Walt convinced Jesse that Gus was the only one who was capable of poisoning children to make a point, but Walt proves himself to be just as low — no, lower — than that.

Gilligan has said he’s long tried to see how many unlikeable traits he can stick to the protagonist and still have audiences follow him. This action is right up there with letting Jesse’s girlfriend choke to death. And once Jesse finds out about it, there will be hell to pay.

Once Hank gets better, too, no doubt he’ll be energized by the notion that his hunch about Gus was probably true.

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