Tweeting An Anti-Critic Screed

For many in Hollywood, Twitter has been an easy way to connect with fans, update on projects and give behind the scenes insight usually reserved for DVD commentary.

But clearly it’s not the right form for everyone.

“Sons of Anarchy” creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter is one of the most outspoken writers in town, and he lets it spill out in his copious @sutterink feed. He began the day defending a key turn in the series:

critics and fans are struggling with the juice racism story. they crave more exposition. they’re not gonna get it. i don’t point story.

lack of set up exposition is why this show continues to surprise people and head in directions unimagined…

But five tweets later he seemed to be directing his wrath at one apparently female TV blogger whom he kept calling the c-word.

…step away from the computer, put down the twinkies…

was about the only reprintable part of one tweet. Let’s try bleeping.

i just [bleeping] hate the tweets and headlines from these [bleeping] ridiculous tv blogs

do people actually pay these assholes for these episodic opinions..

…or are thier lives that [bleeping] empty that they feel compelled to get daddy’s attention every day on the interweb.

fat[bleep]bloggers. don’t work out your childhood rape issues online. no one fucking cares what you think.

fat[bleep]bloggers. keep looking for a reason not to [bleeping] kill yourselves. it’s gonna get harder everyday. eventually you will succumb.

and the day you lay bleeding out of the back of your head with a smoking gun barrel in your mouth, will be the day i begin my salsa lessons.

Whoa. Getting inside the motorcycle club mindset to write a series must do a trick on your head. But a few minutes later, he seemed to step away from the venom.

sorry, i just woke up. apparently my four year old was using my computer…

And a bit later:

[bleep]bloggers can have their angry snarky opinions and I can have my angry snarky opinion of those opinions. Ain’t free speech grand?

Uh, sure.

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