Michael Jackson Night on ‘X-Factor’

Michael Jackson’s kids have a dismal life ahead for reasons other than their names — Blanket, Comforter and Throw Pillow I think is what they are. They also have to sit glumly at any number of “tributes” for the rest of their lives, essentially watching lesser talents try to come close to bringing justice to their dad’s work.

The latest one was “The X Factor,” at which they sat patiently with their grandmother Katherine, who has seen it all. And because it was Michael Jackson week, the seven finalists of questionable ability mostly did big productions of his songs.

Burrito Josh – the last act represented by either of the female judges (Paula Abdul’s groups are all gone; two-thirds of Nicole Scherzinger’s over 30s have been cut as well) did a rocked up version of “Dirty Diana,” predictable in its way.

Astro, who looks the most like a young Michael Jackson (though he should have been cut for insubordination or at least substandard singing a couple weeks ago), insisted on putting his rap into “Black or White.”

Drew did her distinctive take on “Billie Jean” by sitting down and slowing it way down.

Rachel Crow does these 60s pop-soul things so easily, punched up the Jacksons’ “Can You Feel It.” Marcus Canty performed the light “P.Y.T.” a little heavy handed and way over produced. Chris Rene, who had the most surprising info of the night (his grandfather wrote “Rockin’ Robin”!!), instead sang “I’ll Be There” with a relaxed groove and a little rapping.

The high point of the night came at the end, with Melanie Amaro’s strong “Earth Song” putting all others to shame. Still, the MJ heirs seemed just as bored as ever.

But it’s been a big week for the Jackson family.

Conrad Murray won’t be the only one punished this week for murdering Michael Jackson, after all. There will be a double elimination Thursday.

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