HBO Renews ‘Enlightened’; Drops Three Other Comedies

The sleeper series “Enlightened” has been given a second season, extending the charmed life Laura Dern’s character has in the unusual show. But HBO announced Tuesday it would pull the plug on three other comedies.

Two of them have certainly run their course “Hung” (which nonetheless won a Golden Globe nomination this month) and “How to Make it in America,” a kind of East Coast “Entourage,” which some were surprised made it to a second season at all. For “How to Make It” star Bryan Greenberg it is his second HBO failed series (anybody remember the first? It was “Unscripted,” a series he managed to wipe from his IMDB resume).

But I was a fan of “Bored to Death,” the light New York detective comedy that really started to find its footing this season with Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis emerging as an agreeable comedy trio.

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