Stumbled upon an odd approach to filling network time tonight: a show in which abunch of people weigh themselves – and that’s it.

Turns out it was the finale of “The Biggest Loser,” which awarded $10,000 to the dismissed contestant who lost the most weight at home (it was Emily Joy, who lost 92 pounds – or 38.49 percent of her body weight) before lining up the final three and having them step on the scale to win the big prize of $250,000.

The odds were that the prize would go to someone named Britt, since both Jeremy Britt, 22, and his sister Conda, 24, ended up in the final three. But so was Kim Nielsen, 38, who was about the slimmest person on stage that night, weighing just 134 pounds, and having lost 118 pounds during the season – a whopping 46.8 percent of her body weight.

But it was Jeremy who did better, coming in at 389 and weighing just 190 for the finale. His total weight loss of 199 pounds represented more than half his weight – 51.16 percent. “We both won,” said Kim, the runner up. (But he’s the one who got the money).