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She Can’t Make Them Love Her

The one finalist who received the most criticism in Monday’s show got the boot, though Hollie Cavanagh by all accounts would make a strong “American Idol” – a cute blonde teen with a powerful voice, the criticism was that she was singing too big when it came to singing Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You […]

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Considering the Beach Boys, a 60s Act Deep in their 60s

The discussion began when a friend with whom I had often shared enthusiasm in music sent another friend and me a note out of the blue regarding the reconstituted Beach Boys and their new song “That’s Why God Made the Radio”: The new BBoys single is generating a lot of positive attention–from USA Today to […]

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Thursday TV: Glimpse at Tibet, ‘Parks and Rec’ Finale

The best films open a window to a world you’d otherwise never know and give you a glimpse inside. That’s certainly the case with the fascinating “Summer Pasture,” which follows the lives of a single nomadic family in eastern Tibet. There, they live by their yaks, milking them and raking up their dung for heat. […]

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All Female Finale for ‘Survivor’

Here’s something new in the 24th season of “Survivor” – an all women finale. For the first season that was divided between men and women, in which it seemed they’d never win a challenge, they overpowered the men to such a degree that the last of them, the grizzled Tarzan was eliminated Wednesday. Men may […]

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‘The Choice’ for the C-List

Fox is dropping more details about its new dating show “The Choice,” which is made to look like (and rhyme with) “The Voice.” When the bachelors hear from a woman they’re interested in, they turn their chairs around, “Voice” style. Or, more accurately, it’s just like “The Dating Game” of yore, when Bachelorette No. 3 […]

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