On ‘Mad Men,’ Pete Goes for a Gilmore Girl

Pete Campbell, the oily cad on “Mad Men” has had a recekless romantic life on the series, unknowingly knocking up Peggy, going after a couple of younger girls despite a wife who’s also in “Community.”

Now he’s throwing himself at a Gilmore Girl.

We know the Campbells have made their home in the Cos Cob section of Greenwich, right off the Metro North commuter train. But how close to that is the fictional Stars Hollow, Connecticut?

When Pete gets off the train one night, he meets the wife of the guy who’s been telling him the glories of in-town affairs for months. That familiar, thoughtful face in the flip is that of Alex Bledel, who played Rory Gilmore for seven seasons on “Gilmore Girls.” (The appearance Sunday explains her presence in March at the “Mad Men” premiere, when she was pictured above with show creator Matthew Weiner and his wife Linda Brettler).

Becoming a Connecticut housewife is something nobody could imagine for Rory Gilmore, who was last seen a graduate of Yale, about to embark on an assignment for a magazine covering Barack Obama’s campaign. In the season finale, she turned down Lane’s engagement ring to pursue her career.

Now portraying an ignored wife, named Beth Dawes, she’s up for a one-night fling, but when Pete wants more, she has to shut him off, ignoring his urging to meet him in the city. He even arranges to follow his friend Howard home to get another glimpse of her, under the pretext of signing up for life insurance.

It’s another personal failure for Pete, who fails to react to the other big development of Sunday’s episode.

Megan, Don’s wife, looks at first to be sneaking around a bit as well, though she confesses she left work to get a callback, realizing that as good as she is at advertising, she really wants to go back to acting.

Peggy is furious for getting in the middle of her lies to Don and Megan summons the courage to tell Don what she wants to do. The next day she’s telling people in the office goodbye and arranging to go to acting class. The first step toward hergoing off in a different direction?

As the track she pointed out in the copy of The Beatles “Revolver” she bought him says: “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

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