Dude Wins ‘American Idol,’ Big Deal

Well, is it a big surprise that scruffy bearded white guy with guitar won “American Idol”? Phillip Phillips did so Wednesday night after a typically bloated two hour finale that officially ended May sweeps, after a record 132 million votes were cast.

If Jessica Sanchez, a 16 year old with the voice of Mariah Carey, can’t win “Idol” than no girl will ever win. The teens who vote at home, possibly with the sound off, are seeking cute, unthreatening boys. Put Phillip Phillips in there with David Cook, Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen as an “Idol” winner we will never hear from again. Kids may vote for these guys, but they sure don’t buy their records.

Phillips got to sing with John Fogerty on a couple of Creedence classics at the start of the show, and guess whose voice didn’t measure up? (Hint: Not the 66 year old).

“American Idol” has been losing its 18-49 audience, and it may be because of the ancient songs they make the contestants sing. Neil Diamond, Chaka Khan and Aerosmith all performed on the finale show, songs from before the contestants were born. When Rihanna performed, it was almost like an aberration.

Jennifer Hollidan joined runner up Jessica Sanchez for a shout-off to “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Leaving.” When Reba McEntire joined eliminated singer Skylar Laine for a duet, it was like seeing mama and daughter.

Most recent castoff Joshua Ledet showed his stuff a couple of places, including a tribute to Robin Gibb, reviving his “To Love Somebody” and singing a duet with Fantasia Berrino, one of just four female “Idol” winners in 11 seasons.

Phillips was typically speechless at his win. He forged on to sing “Home,” the single he’ll record, but couldn’t make it through. The emotion got to him, or he realized what happened to him or he got confetti in his mouth.

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