Chuck Grassley’s History Problem

The success this week of its big “Hatfields & McCoys” miniseries brings greater attention than ever to the History Channel, which beat even broadcast numbers.

It made me wonder how Chuck Grassley would feel about it.

The U.S. Senator from Iowa has made his mark on Twitter with some weird, misspelled, oddly abbreviated and frequent tweets that he most likely does himself (as opposed to the staffers who likely ghost tweet for other Congressmen).

And one thing that has stuck in his craw is the History Channel.

As he put it earlier this year:

I turn to History channel frequently bc I like history. There is nevr any history unless u r an antique dealer. Change name!

They didn’t. He returned to the topic a few days later as if he hadn’t done so before:

Just turned to history channel. No history. I used to get history. Why do we h v such a channel when it doesnt do history

It became a common theme:

Just tuned to History channel. Once again no history


Turned to history channel. No. HIstory again

It was like he was becoming watchdog of the cable network, repeating himself:

History. No history. Axe man Timber Nothing historical. Back to FOX. Sigh. Suggest name to change channel name

Eventually he had a solution:

Since History channel doesnt hv history anymore i advise National Geographic channel. At least that channel has some history

He has yet to tweet about the hillbilly feud miniseries.

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