Time to turn the calendar! And, perhaps due to its unpopularity, there seems to be fewer songs about August than any other month. Even some songs with August in the title don’t mention it in the lyrics.

Still, both Carole King and Harry Nilsson specifically mention the first of August. We manage to get Love, Van Morrison, Clinic, Rilo Kiley and Taylor Swift to weigh in for almost an hour of August toons. And throw in a Joni Mitchell poem to boot.

Also celebrated the birthdays of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, still with us at 91; Robert Cray (69), Chuck D (62), Dean Wareham and Coolio (both 59) and Dhani Harrison (44), whose dad, we recall, staged the Concert for Bangladesh on this day in 1971. The calendar is already getting pretty marked up.

Here’s a link to the whole show; the playlist follows.