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New to Reality TV: ‘All-American Muslim’

If TLC has any connection whatsoever to its original initials – The Learning Channel – it might be to let us learn about unusual people. Part of its approach echoes sideshow attractions: See the lady with 20 children! See the tiniest married couple! See the surprised new mother who didn’t know she was pregnant! See […]

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Also on Sunday: ‘Song of Lunch,’ Silicon Valley

The productions for “Masterpiece Contemporary” (PBS, 9 p.m., check local listings) have generally been very good. But here’s something that’s very unusual as well – a very literary, funny and knowing reunion of a pair of lovers that is adapted from a poem. Staged almost entirely as an interior dialog, “A Song of Lunch,” based […]

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‘SNL’ Debate Sketches Write Themselves

Things have been so strange in the political world lately that “Saturday Night Live” was able to stage a sketch that barely wavered from the actual event. Just as with some Sarah Palin bits three years ago, writers needn’t do much more than provide the same transcripts from the politicians for the sure fire laughs. […]

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