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A War Reminder in ‘Dancing’ Win

It was an unlucky 13th season for “Dancing with the Stars” – low ratings, low-wattage cast, little to no buzz. But throughout the season, a bright spot was the high scoring dances for a guy who was burned and disfigured as a soldier in Iraq, became a motivational speaker and then an actor on a […]

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Tuesday TV: ‘X Factor’ on an Unusual Day; Mirror Ball Winner

Get to see two sides of Ron Perlman, right, tonight. You can catch him as the increasingly embattled patriarch in “Sons of Anarchy” (AMC, 10 p.m.) as that drama reaches its season’s climax. But you can see him all night elsewhere, on Turner Movie Classics with Robert Osborne, as a movie connoisseur, announcing his film picks […]

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Kardashian’s Last Minute Dash to the Top

As if to uphold the family name after the embarrassments and tabloid covers of his sisters Rob Kardashian, identified as a “reality star,” has lasted long enough on “Dancing with the Stars” to finally get a perfect score for a dance. And because he was the only one to do so in the performance finale […]

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Ripa Without a Chute

For her first show minus Regis, Kelly Ripa took sole billing in the syndicated morning show’s title, “Live with Kelly.” And she gingerly moved over from her seat on the right to his on the left. She even got to spin the contest prize wheel for the first time. Altogether it was a strange feeling, […]

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