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On TV Tonight: A Turkey’s Life, ‘Modern Family’

Joe Hutto is a naturalist who likes to imprint himself on wildlife – making them think he’s the mother for a time. He did it with deer, who hang around him like he’s Snow White. Then he got a whole bunch of turkey eggs and learned all about their lives as they accepted him as […]

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Ray Davies: Getting the Kinks Out in Silver Spring

Ray Davies so unlikes saying the word Kinks in his solo shows, he kids on stage that he fines himself $5 each time he utters it, giving the money the charity. That only amounted to $20 Tuesday at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. But had he counted all the Kinks songs he played, it would […]

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No Solo in ‘Dancing’ Finale

Athletes usually have a leg up on “Dancing with the Stars.” They know what it’s like to compete on a weekly basis, have a serious work ethic and want nothing more than to win (Other participants may not want much more than a little more attention on the way to the next career revival). But […]

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A New Morning at CBS

Just like last November, CBS announced a revamped cast for its troubled Early Show set to begin in January. But the approach seems to be decidedly different in concentrating on more serious news. Some well known names – Charlie Rose and Gayle King – will co-host the as-yet unnamed morning competitor to “Today” and “Good […]

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