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Another Paula Act Axed from ‘X Factor’

When it comes to the acts mentored by the judges on “The X Factor,” those under the tutelage of Paula Abdul continued to crumble this week, just as she did late in the show. With one of her acts, InTENsity, the first to be eliminated last week, this week her remaining two acts were in […]

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He Looks Maaavhelous

Think of your potential Oscar hosts in their former “Saturday Night Live” characters. Fernando Lamas is in; Gumby and Mr. Robinson are out. The best thing: Neither was James Franco or Anne Hathaway, who shared the duties for what was agreed to be the worst telecast in recent memory (and those two, to share another […]

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Why Students Rioted

Some were perplexed to see college students at Penn State University rioting last night. They weren’t even part of Occupy State . They were reacting to the firing of Joe Paterno as head coach of Nittany Lions (and less so, I imagine, for the president of the university Graham Spanier). He was the winningist coach […]

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Thursday TV: Getting Ready for Veterans’ Day

Filmmaker Heather Courtney returned to her hometown of Hancock, Mich., in the state’s snowy Upper Peninsula to follow a group of childhood friends who go from sleds and graffiti art to the brutal combat of Afghanistan because they had signed up for the National Guard out of high school. The four year ordeal, in which […]

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Movie Night on ‘X Factor’ No Blockbuster

“The X Factor” is quickly becoming the ZZZZ factor. As the 11 remaining contribute to what is supposed to be a night of songs from the movies, the resulting, crushing two hours turn out to be the same bunch of random songs that may or may not have been heard in movies but certainly aren’t […]

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A Two-in-One ‘Survivor’

It’s amazing how much they can get done on “Survivor” if they set their minds on it. In this week’s episode, perhaps because they could see how boring it would be to see one team systematically annihilate the other one by one, they essentially combined two episodes in one hour, with an immunity challenge, tribal […]

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