‘The Amazing Race’ Gets a 20th Season Winner

Setting a record for the number of legs won on the race, it may have been no surprised that occasionally bickering military couple Rachel and Dave Smith won “The Amazing Race” Sunday.

They were so far ahead, they reached the finish line twice – they were sent back across a body of water on paddleboard to complete a task they never even found before.

And while their next closest competitors, Art & J.J., the fully imploding border agents had to endure Art taking a spill down down a hill on a long, very thin sled in the Hawaiian highlands 20 times before he got to finish, the better balanced Rachel crossed the line without falling off in her second try. So did Rachel when she and Brandon finally got there.

It didn’t matter, since Rachel and Dave, already experienced in the paddle boarding experience, simply scooted back to collect the win and the applause of the other teams for a second time.

The $1 million finish was the eighth leg of the race to be won by the two – setting a new record on the show in its 20th season.  The two hour finale Sunday was really just the last two episodes of the season shown back to back. In the first hour, it was Ralph and Vanessa, hobbled by her sprained ankle, who fell to the back of the pack and was eliminated in Japan.

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