Capital Radio, 3-28-22: Hollywood, Fools

Started with a salute to the great Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died Friday at 50, concentrating on the tracks on which he also sang lead, mostly on cover songs.

Then I delved into the long, melancholy-tinged mythos of Hollywood and all the unfulfilled dreams it represents, from the Kinks, Dusty Springfield, Weyes Blood and Judy Garland while trying to avoid the specifics of last night’s Oscars. Though I did offer an alternative with Ella Fitzgerald’s “Slap That Bass.” 

After a brief foray into classic rock novelty into the Doors, Led Zeppelin and Gilligan’s Island, an overture for this Friday’s impending April Fool’s Day from Patti Smith, Ronnie Lane and Rufus Wainwright, among others, finally settling into a whole lot of songs about a whole lot of fools from Ricky Nelson to the Main Ingredient.

Listen to the full archived show here. The setlist follows: 

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