Balloons and their occasional military consequences are reflected in songs from Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” to the Pretty Things’ “Balloon Burning.” But many of the more than 20 balloon songs we dug up, from the Kinks to Fiona Apple, were light and sunny, defining the genre of sunshine pop, exemplified by a group named after its one hit, Yellow Balloon (which included as a member Don Grady — Robbie on “My Three Sons”).

Otherwise, we briefly noted the Grammys and marked the birthdays of historical figures from Ronald Reagan and Eva Braun to Bob Marley and Kate McGarrigle.

Ended with the big showdown trying to determine which of the Super Bowl cities had the best songs written about it. On one side: Leiber and Stoller’s standard “Kansas City”; on the other, “The Streets of Philadelphia.” After nine examples for each municipality, you can make up your mind.

Here’s the link to the entire broadcast. The setlist follows: