Another Paula Act Axed from ‘X Factor’

When it comes to the acts mentored by the judges on “The X Factor,” those under the tutelage of Paula Abdul continued to crumble this week, just as she did late in the show.

With one of her acts, InTENsity, the first to be eliminated last week, this week her remaining two acts were in the bottom two: The neuvo Temptations Stereo Hogzz and the patched-together group from contestants who failed to advance on their own, Lakota Rayne.

In the end, both acts performed again and it was up to the judges to decide who to keep. L.A. Reid chose Stereo Hogzz to go (after a long speech), Nicole Scherzinger also chose Stereo Hogzz (after an even longer preamble) and when it got to Paula, she said she couldn’t choose.

Never mind that she chose the (apparently low-appeal) acts that made up her group. Now, suddenly, she couldn’t decide between the two – as if it were like choosing between two children.

She couldn’t, she couldn’t, she couldn’t. Never mind that this was her job, her job, her only job.

“I’m not going to do this,” she blubbered. “I’m too close to both acts.”

Rightfully impatient host Steve Jones first said Simon could decide it all, then realized if only three votes were to count, it was a done deal. Then Paula piped up. She wanted to save Stereo Hogzz. Too late, Simon chose to keep Lakota Rayne.

So once again, she made the odd choice out, just as she made selections for her category that were the odd choices that audiences can’t vote out fast enough.

And the Hogzz looked just as happy to be leaving. They won’t have to deal with Paula any more, at least.

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