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Thursday TV: Two Looks at Pakistan

The Oscar winner for best documentary short gets its TV premiere tonight, The one-hour “Saving Face” (HBO, 8 p.m.) looks at the horrifying instances of throwing acid on women to purposely disfigure them in Pakistan. About 100 cases are reported annually in Pakistan, with many more going unreported, according to the film by Daniel Junge […]

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Giving Up Immunity, Following the Bigot on ‘Survivor’

“Survivor: One World” seemed to have not much going for it – a premise in which the all-male tribe would naturally steamroll the tribe of women. But just as the women seemed like they’d quit before they won their first challenge, they started to win. After winning three straight, the women split a pair on […]

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New Judge Tasks on ‘Idol’ Soul Night

Adjusting by the week to its ratings slip, “American Idol” announced Wednesday that the season would be, like “Survivor,” the guys against the girls. But isn’t that what every season is? Boys against girls? And how would this play out? All it would mean, said Ryan Seacrest, who didn’t sound as if he understood it […]

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