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Thursday TV: ‘Missing’ vs. March Madness

While it’s true the networks saved some of their best new shows for midseason, they also kept back some of their worst. “Missing” (ABC, 8 p.m.) plays like a Lifetime movie with no end in sight, about a woman who flies off to Rome to find her missing son, a college student there. Oh yes, […]

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Gentle Giant Killing on ‘Idol’

Elimination came a day early on “American Idol” this week as the show announced it was cutting finalist Jermaine Jones, who judges kept calling “the gentle giant,’ for not disclosing a previous arrest, or that he was had four warrants out on him. Early ousters have happened before in 10 previous seasons of “Idol,” but […]

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‘Luck’ Ends After Horse Death

Here’s yet another David Milch series on HBO that won’t have an ending. Milch, who was the mastermind behind “Deadwood” and “John from Cincinnati” was pretty excited about his horsetrack series “Luck,” which just started in January. Audiences were less so – ratings for the series had been lackluster and as low as 500,000 viewers […]

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