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Tuesday TV: Straight to Home Shopping ‘Fashion Star’

Commercialism in network reality shows is already rampant, but the new “Fashion Star” (NBC, 9:30 p.m.) nudges it almost to the home shopping network level. Each week two designers go head to head against eachother in creating a new fashion line. First its critiqued by a questionable panel that includes Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie. […]

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Bizarre End for ‘Bachelor’

They tipped their hat at exactly what would happen on the season end of “The Bachelor” with their typical hyperbole: “The most controversial finale of ‘The Bachelor’ in history!” Well if floppy-haired Ben had picked good-natured Lindzi, it wouldn’t have been controversial at all. But picking the evil model Courtney would have been the choice […]

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‘The Amazing Infomercial’

Part of the reason I stopped watching the local news at 11 o’clock (other than their warped idea of what’s important information), was that I couldn’t stomach so many car commercials. What made them think I was in the market for automobiles? DVRs made it easier to avoid such ads, but now network shows are […]

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