Capital Radio 2-20: Mardi Gras, Presidents

The death last week of Huey “Piano” Smith at 89 brought to light how much he brought to the New Orleans sound, just in time for Mardi Gras. He also played piano on key tracks from Smiley Lewis to Little Richard, and his “We Like Birdland” echoed years later in Patti Smith’s debut. 

Saluted Tugroy the Dove of De La Soul, who also died last week at 54 and dug up a track by Raquel Welch, who died last week at 82, that she sang for the soundtrack of her debut feature role in 1965. 

Otherwise there were celebrations of birthdays of those with us — Buffy Sainte-Marie (82), Poison Ivy (70), Ian Brown of The Stone Roses (60) and Rihanna (35) — and those no longer with us who were born this day including Kurt Cobain, Nancy Wilson, Randy California and Ibrahim Ferrer of the Buena Vista Social Club. 

And among the songs selected for Presidents Day, there was a special appreciation for Jimmy Carter. 

Here’s the link to the whole show; the setlist follows. 

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