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Virtual Icons at Virtual Rock Hall Induction

They canceled the Olympics and Coachella, so this year might have also been a good year to cancel The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020 Inductions (HBO, 8 p.m.). The pandemic already delayed the annual event from May to the fall to not at all — the event that would have been at a […]

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John Brown Lives in ‘The Good Lord Bird’

As fiery a figure as John Brown was in American history, Ethan Hawke was surprised there hadn’t been more movies or TV series about him. “This hasn’t been wildly overexploited,” he told reporters at the TV Critics Association press tour earlier this year. “There aren’t 15 John Brown movies we are talking about.” That all changes […]

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‘The Comey Rule’ Brings It All Back to 2016

Step back for a moment from the current crazed political fury and consider the one four years ago. The names, the accusations, the emails. It all comes back in frustrating detail in “The Comey Rule” (Showtime, 9 p.m.), a two-night series drawn from former FBI Director James Comey’s book, which still doesn’t quite let him […]

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Revising a Confounding Case, Morris-Style

In 1970, a Green Beret Army surgeon was accused of killing his wife and two young daughters. He blamed it on a roving band of Manson-inspired hippies who wrote crude messages in blood on the walls like “Acid is Great.” and “Kill All the Pigs.” It was tried twice with differing results and became a […]

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‘Watchmen’ Sweeps Invisible TCA Awards

Alas, no dress-up this year for the TCA Awards, the annual event from the TV Critics Association, where winners (and strangely, no losers) show up in a California hotel ballroom to accept their plexiglass kudos safe in the knowledge that nothing they say will be either broadcast or otherwise held against them. That has led […]

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A Few Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

Emmys are likely the least of our concerns; the recipients only rarely reflect the best of what we think is on TV, the nominees are stuffed with the same old names in most cases. There are the occasional glimmers that signal hope, as in the nominations released Tuesday: Ramy Youssef among the outstanding lead actors […]

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New Streamer Peacock Spreads Wings

Peacock, the streaming service named after the NBC logo, begins spreading its feathers today — for free. It’s got thousands of hours of largely NBC programming, scads of “SNL” clips, early glimpses at late night shows, everything that was on NBC, Syfy, Telemundo, Bravo and USA last night, a decent library of hundreds of movies […]

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True Crime and a Whole Lot More

`Thе documentarian Liz Garbus muѕt hаvе felt аn intense kinship tо Michelle McNamara, a true crime blogger whо kept amassing information оn a topic іn order tо fashion іt іntо compelling аrt. If you want criminal defense lawyer then click here now. Fоr hеr latest film, ѕhе tackles McNamara’s obsession wіth a prolific rapist аnd […]

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Goodbye to ‘Cops’ and ‘Live PD’

Police have yet to be defunded, but “Live PD” has suspended production, just days after “Cops” announced its demise just before its 33rd season start. In each easy-to-produce reality show, cameramen tagged along the forces of blue to watch them stop, question, arrest and sometimes harass citizens who largely seemed poor, people of color, or […]

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HBO Max Launches With Scant Originals

Ready for a new streaming service with a monthly fee? HBO Max is here, bringing with it the entire catalog of HBO shows, but also the wealth of AT&T and Warner Bros. products from “Friends” to “Big Bang Theory” to “Wonder Woman” “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Matrix” and “Batman.” There seems fewer original new […]

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