A Two-in-One ‘Survivor’

It’s amazing how much they can get done on “Survivor” if they set their minds on it.

In this week’s episode, perhaps because they could see how boring it would be to see one team systematically annihilate the other one by one, they essentially combined two episodes in one hour, with an immunity challenge, tribal council and elimination for each 30 minutes.

It was the not wholly explained move of Cochran  that caused the instant collapse of Savaii, by abandoning his former tribe, it spelled their doom. And as a result he’ll get some measure of respect for a while from his new friends of Upolu until they squish him like a bug.

All the Harvard kid wanted was some measure of respect from his old tribe, who mostly treated him as a drain, a weakling and a nothing.

Ozzy was deeply hurt by the move, just as he was when they cut his main squeeze Elyse. The others were even more mad, mostly thinking they “saved” Cochran for several votes.

Jim was the maddest at all, and suggested he give the immunity necklace he had earned to Ozzy, but in the end didn’t (and Ozzy went back to Redemption Island, which he treated as his own personal training ground, plotting a return he at least thinks is inevitable.

And while they tried to make it look as if there was a chance Dawn was going to be voted out instead of Jim, it of course was Jim. And you were glad it only took a half an hour to do so.

How quickly things had changed on “Survivor: South Pacific” – last week the two former tribes were equal at 6-6 at the merge, now Upolu is dominating 7-2 with its nerdy new member.

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