Ripa Without a Chute

For her first show minus Regis, Kelly Ripa took sole billing in the syndicated morning show’s title, “Live with Kelly.” And she gingerly moved over from her seat on the right to his on the left.

She even got to spin the contest prize wheel for the first time. Altogether it was a strange feeling, but to help her with her unease, the show has booked a succession of big name stars to serve as co-hosts.

Goodness knows Ripa has had to work with a variety of co-hosts over the years, because of Rebis Philbin’s incredible shrinking schedule in recent years (it called for no shows on Fridays during the summer, soon to be followed by none on Mondays either).

But few of her coming hosts (Neil Patrick Harris is next week) are as sharp as Jerry Seinfeld, who brought an affable contrary tone (and inevitable Regis impersonation) to the proceedings. In his role he questioned everything – the format, the games, the turns of phrases that have been the vocabulary of morning TV.

It was funny, but still rather cool compared to Regis Philbin’s pure old school heat.

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