A telling moment in “Q’Viva,” the new reality talent roundup that made its English language debut Saturday on Fox, showed how creators Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony could work together after their divorce.

It’s a Sonny and Cher type of thing, Lopez said, amid their bickering en route to another Latin American country to assemble talent for a planned Las Vegas showcase of talent.

The show has already been rolling along on Univision, but it didn’t take much to turn it into an English-language offering – a bit of voice over and a lot of subtitles.

The result is a well-shot travelogue to various countries, where indigenous talent shines.

It’s instructive to know that people all over the world swoon at the sight of the two recording stars, and it probably helps the show that they go on most of their scouting trips by themselves. It’s an emotional show too – those who picked inevitably cry, and those who aren’t picked cry as well.

Little flags go up once they select acts from each country and there is this odd way they extend invitations to participate that make shake up those wanting immigration reform. They are all given airline tickets and told that they’re being invited to the Estados Unitos – and inevitably everyone flips, their dreams fulfilled.

But there’s a way to go before the big show including what sounds to be a battle round or two. Which may make “Q’Viva” more like “The Voice” than “Idol,” despite J-Lo’s participation in it.